WORKS Throw Short Shifter (Evo X)

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WORKS Throw 5-Speed Short Shifter 2008+ Mitsubishi Evolution EVO X

The WORKS Throw short shifter provides reduced travel when switchingbetween gears. It incorporates a revised design to the OEM shape andleverage angles so your hand is located in a more natural position forthe left hand drive Evolution. Includes hardware, installationinstructions and a WORKS factory-matched warranty. The installationdoes NOT require any cutting/trimming of the factory carrier housing. Aperfect compliment to the WORKS Grab shift knob.

  • ShifterMovement Reduced by 25%
  • Shift Knob Relocated to a MoreDriver-Friendly Position
  • Minimal Increase in Shifting Effort #Reduced Shifter Height
  • Threaded Design for Both OEM and WORKS GrabShift Knobs
  • Retains OEM Quality and Fitment
  • Includes AppropriateHardware
  • WORKS Factory-Matched Warranty
**This item has a manufacturer drop-ship fee of $10**