WORKS Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Evo X)

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The WORKS SS Brake Line Kit is not only the absolute best on the market, but is also designed to meet the Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Standard MVSS-1006. Our performance lines increase safety and brake responsiveness due to no appreciable volumetric expansion in the brake lines. WORKS brake lines are made in the USA and consist of a Teflon tube with a protective coating. Then the stainless steel braiding reinforces the assembly and an outer sheath makes for additional protection. DOT certified because safety in your braking system should not be compromised.
WORKS SS Brake Lines are a direct replacement for the factory brake lines including the proper mounting tabs and swivel end fittings. Sold as a complete kit with hardware and Installation Instructions. These are a must for anyone using their EVO X in AutoX, Rally, or Road Racing.

**This item has a manufacturer drop-ship fee of $10**