WORKS Spin Aluminum Flywheel Evo

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A lightweight flywheel reduces rotating mass for quicker throttle response for a livelier and faster revving engine. The WORKS Spin, weighing a scant 4.2Kg, will make rev-matching on downshifts that much easier and allow the turbo to stay in boost more effectively. While the technique for launching an EVO with the lightweight flywheel is slightly different, we have found drivability to be perfectly manageable (even with the notoriously steep hills in San Francisco) and any trade-offs well worth it. The WORKS Spin features a hardened center section and replaceable steel wear area for easy and cost-effective maintenance to make this the last flywheel you will ever have to buy!Other Features:- Bolt secured OEM ring gear- 6061-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum- Replacable Steel friction surface- Meets SFI Specifications- Includes new flywheel-to-crankshaft boltsApplication: '01-'06 EVO VII/VIII/IX including GSR, MR, RS and SE