WORKS Drop-in Air Filter (Evo X)

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Better air flow means more power. Cleaner air means increased engine longevity. Now you can have the best of both worlds with the WORKS High-flow Drop-in Air Filter for the Evolution X. This direct drop-in replacement for the factory filter retains stock drivability and can flow more than twice as much as the stock filter. Constructed of multilayer, uniform cotton fabric with stainless steel mesh reinforcement, this unit will filter particles down to several microns with very high saturation capacity. The reusable element is easily cleaned, re-oiled and back in your factory airbox in a matter of minutes with the WORKS Service Kit. Pays for itself after only 3 to 4 scheduled maintenance periods and lasts a lifetime! Includes one carefully pre-oiled filter and simple installation instructions. This is the best X filter on the market! Combine our WORKS filter with the StealthWORKS Performance Muffler for even more performance gains. 


  • Direct drop-in replacement for the factory filter
  • Retains stock idle and drivability while flowing up to 2X more than other drop-ins
  • Improved turbo response, horsepower and torque
  • Multilayer 100% cotton fabric (not gauze) that filters particles down to several microns with high dust capacity
  • Stainless steel mesh reinforcement (not mild steel or aluminum)
  • Reusable for LIFE with WORKS Cleaning Kit
  • Durable powdercoated metal and high quality urethane construction (no insert allowing unfiltered air bypass)
  • Pays for itself in as few as 3 maintenance periods
Specifications (with original OEM flash):
+18 HP @ 5600 RPM
+13 TQ @ 4300 RPM 

Application: '08+ Evolution X including GSR and MR  **This item has a manufacturer drop-ship fee of $5**