WORKS Clutch Kit 2 2008+ Mitsubishi Evolution EVO X

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WORKS Clutch Kit 2 2008+ Mitsubishi Evolution EVO X

Producing power is one thing... getting it to the ground is another.The WORKS line of clutch upgrades for the EVO is available to helpensure that the extra output offered by our Power Packages is findingits way to the tarmac, gravel or snow.

WORKS Clutch Kit CK2:
Ideal forthe weekend Road Race, Drag Race, AutoX and/or RallyX driver lookingfor additional holding power beyond our CK1 who still wants a clutchcivilized for the street. Also with proper break-in, the WORKS CK2(featuring a double-sided Kevlar friction disc) will significantlyoutlast organic-based units.

The innovative pressure plate design willNOT increase pedal stiffness, but has a clamping force that is 140% thecapacity of the stock unit. Good for up to 450 ft-lbs of torque.

  • Reinforced Pressure Plate with unique pressure ring design
  • Staggered Kevlar Clutch Disc with steel-backed face and sprung center
  • OEM Release Bearing
  • Alignment Tool

Highly recommend for use withthe WORKS Spin Aluminum Flywheel.