WORKS Brain Flash P2 Evo

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WORKS is the pioneer and leader in EVO ECU flashing technology. WORKS was the very first EVO tuner in the U.S. to reflash the factory ECU. Our Software Engineers have been disassembling US-Spec EVO VIII code since April '03 and have software control unparalleled in the industry. Nothing comes close to the plug-and-play performance and reliability of the WORKS Brain Flash series. The Brain Flash P2 represents an upgrade to the Brain Flash P1 by increasing and holding the factory peak boost level. This WORKS flash is very unique in that NO other flash on the market can properly control boost internally through the factory ECU! The P2 provides addictive acceleration by eliminating the factory boost taper in the higher RPMs. By eliminating this boost drop-off, the total area under the torque and horsepower curve is enhanced and the car responds with increased urgency as the power band increases. WORKS' Engineers spent many months analyzing the stock boost control system. Then improved upon the factory design to bring you a true peak and hold system. There is no bypassing the wastegate solenoid with a questionable bleeder/emulator, no attempt at fooling the ECU logic and no manual boost controller (that can change with weather and taper boost) nor electronic boost controller is necessary! This proprietary system represents a tried and true, reliable design that takes the safe factory system one step further. With the unique WORKS Boost Hose Assembly (which appears identical to stock), we are able to modify the wastegate solenoid ECU maps. WORKS has total boost control. We can raise, lower, make a sine wave, or even have the boost taper upwards all through the factory ECU! Of course the P2 upgrade involves a comprehensive performance ECU remapping of the air/fuel ratios and ignition timing to compliment the rock-solid peak boost. Expect peak gains in the 20+HP range with total area under the power curve increasing by 10%-20%. US-Spec EVOs do not have a top speed limiter but we have raised the rev limit to 7800 RPM and the P2R version available in the WRP (WORKS Racing Program) raises the two-step launch control RPM limit at no extra charge. The ECU can be reprogrammed back to stock if necessary and, of course, is backed by our Factory-Matched Warranty. *Custom dyno or road tuning is also available. From just one gear at wide-open throttle all the way to multiple gears at various throttle positions. Please call for details. Application: '98-'06 EVO V/VI/VII/VIII/IX including RS and MR.