WORKS Blue Rear Brake Pads (Evo /Evo X)

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Choosing the correct brake pad material is essential for good stopping performance. For street driven cars an OEM type pad may work fine, but once a car ventures out onto the track stock pads become obsolete. WORKS has developed a brake pad specifically designed for someone who is going to primarily drive their car on the street but also wants to take it to the track. With a maximum operating temperature of 1050* F this compound will grip better under high temperatures, but unlike a pure racing compound the WORKS Blue pads come up to operating temperature quickly. The WORKS Blue brake pads also work fine with a stock rotor setup unlike other more aggressive pads that will quickly eat up the OEM rotors. In addition they will give you nearly silent operation when used in conjunction with the factory shims. If you are planning the occasional track day, or are a track novice and want a great setup for both road and track, the WORKS Blue brake pads are for you. **This item has a manufacturer drop-ship fee of $10**