Walbro 255lph High Pressure Fuel Pump and Install Kit | DSM/Subaru/Mitsubishi Multiple Fitments

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255lph High Pressure Fuel Pump & Install Kit

The Walbro in tank fuel pump is an essential upgrade for forced induction applications. This 255lph high pressure model has seen over 500whp in some applications!


This pricing includes an installation kit for this fuel pump. The image above is simply a representation as your kit may not include all of the components shown here. Rest assured, however, that the install kit for your application will include everything you need to properly install this fuel pump. If all you need is a replacement pump, see our Walbro 255lph page!

Important Warranty Information

Although Walbro fuel pumps are generally a quality product we have seen some failures from time to time. In the event of a fuel pump failure Walbro requires that the customer send the pump to their facility for inspection which requires cutting the pump in half rendering it more useless than it already was. In the event that the failure was caused by something outside of their control (contamination, etc) they will not only deny the warranty claim they will charge the customer a $40 fee for the inspection! Although we do not feel this program is either fair or effective we simply have no other option to offer our customers in the event of a failure. With that said we must reiterate that we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for defective Walbro fuel pumps based upon the above mentioned warranty procedure. If you have an issue with a Walbro fuel pump you must communicate with Walbro directly to resolve the issue.