Tomei Valve Spring Kit 4B11 (Evo X)

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TOMEI Valve Springs

In terms of transferring the exact movement of the camshaft, the highest quality valve spring is required to the high RPM, high powered tuned engines. We developed our products with the most careful choice of the material, coating and the other technologies. Then we repeated severe tests to our pre-production in order to give the best quality that is performed in any situations.


  • Reliability in high RPM, and improvement in an initial response
  • High durability against metal fatigue
  • High durability against the shocks from jump and bounce
  • High durability against surging
  • High sag resistance


DIAMETER: 3.40x4.25
SET LENGTH(mm): 35.0
LIFT LENGTH (mm): 23.0
SET LOAD(kgf): 27.0±7%
LIFT LOAD(kgf): 85.0±7%
REV LIMIT(Ref.): 8500
PROCESS: Nitride