Tomei Solid Pivot Lifter Set 4G63 (Mitsubishi Evo 1 - 9)

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TOMEI Solid Pivot

Mitsubishi had chosen to use the lash adjuster (hydraulic system) for the 4G63 cylinder head for mass production efficiency, maintenance free and quieter operation. The best way to get more power from the 4G63 engine is to convert it to the solid system which is by far more superior in allowing running more aggressive camshaft profiles. The Solid conversion helps with more efficient opening and closing of the valves and therefore helps improve response throughout higher RPM ranges. This product has a height adjustment function via a screw lock system which eliminates the use of shims so costs are reduced and improves running efficiency. This is best used in conjunction with the other solid upgrade products from Tomei Powered for the 4G63.


  • Improved Response
    With the especially designed cam profile characteristics, with the touch of the throttle you will realize the amazing response and improvements in efficiency of the best valve timing.
  • Designed for high end RPM use.
    The solid conversion will eliminate the dullness experienced at high RPM when using the hydraulic adjustable type.
  • Special Camshafts and Valve Springs
    The solid conversion will also require the appropriate solid type camshafts to be used with the solid pivots. Also since the solid camshafts are designed with higher cam lifts, our Tomei valve springs will also be required to provide the adequate clearance and appropriate spring rate (Sold separately).
  • All types of competition use.
    With serious race competition where every second counts in Drag, Circuit Time Attack, one make race or GT events, a solid conversion is required to get that extra gain over your rivals.
  • For Monster Power Cars
    The 270° and 280° solid type camshafts will utilize the full potential of the large size turbo units.