TOMEI PONCAM Type-R Camshafts (EVO 9)

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Tomei presents the popular poncams. Generally, engine tuning is to modify the torque characteristic of engine by changing cam duration timing and height of the cam lift, so as to gaining maximum torque and horse power. However, when tuning the engine strictly, it should be carried out with the idea of securing effective area of the valve not only by duration timing and height of the cam lift, but also by through improvement of its intake efficiency. High valve lift allows huge amount of air to flow in, yet it mechanically damages the system and gains friction loss. Also, wide cam duration will deliver great power at high RPM, but it gives rough engine character at low RPM too. Tomei has worked to get an ideal well-balanced profile of camshaft and succeeded to give it 1.3 to 1.5 times more effective area than regular camshafts


  • Intake 270-10.70
  • Exhaust 270-10.20
  • Precision Grinds
  • Preset Valve Timing
  • Stock Valve Spring Compatible
  • Performamce Throughout
  • Outstanding Turbo Response
  • Variable Valve Timing Compatible
  • Stable Idling
  • Best Balance