Tomei Poncam Camshafts (Mitsubishi Evo X) 143059

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Tomei has spent extensive time with R&D on these camshafts, with various testing on all type of combinations and prototypes. So many in fact that by the time they had released these cams, the 4B11 & EVO 10 had already been out on the market for 2 years.
With materials especially selected for this engine, special profile designs and manufacturing process just specifically for this engine. So all EVO 10 customers can rest assured that satisfaction will be delivered with these camshafts.


  • Duration 260 Intake, 250 Exhaust
  • Max Cam Lift 10.30 Intake, 9.80 Exhaust
  • Max Valve Lift 10.10 Intake, 9.50 Exhaust
  • Cold Valve Clearance .20 Intake, .30 Exhaust
  • Valve Timing Centerline 112 Intake, 120 Exhaust
  • Base Circle 34.4 Intake, 36.4 Exhaust
  • Compatible with stock valve springs