Swift Sport Springs / Mitsubishi Evolution VIII/IX

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Swift Sport Springs (Mitsubishi Evolution VIII / IX) - Part # 4M008

Swift Springs keeps the quality ride you get from the Mitsubishi showroom, and adds a sportier feel and lower ride height for sport driving enthusiasts and style minded drivers who demand only the best.
Swift did not start developing Sport Springs by trying to drop the ride height. Unlike others Evo lowering springs on the market who only care about drop, Swift approached the Evo 8/9 to create lowering springs with 3 rules.

  1. Keep or improve the smooth comfortable ride in your Evolution VIII / IX
  2. Increase handling, control, and performance both on and off the street
  3. Lower the vehicle within the each vehicle’s usable stroke

Most end users understand and have had experiences with the typical harsh and uncomfortable ride from other Mitsubishi Evo lowering springs. Performance from lowering springs is often overlooked by manufactures because most lowering springs are design to cater to appearance oriented customers only. The results are usually bumpy corning that cause a decrease in traction, or excessive worn shocks cause by lowering the vehicle beyond the usable stroke. The problems with most Evo lowering springs are quite simple. First is due to the lowering amount, and second, the coiling design of the spring.

So what is the difference between Swift Evo 8/9 springs and other manufactures? I always thought that springs are just springs?

We utilize a less coil design to create a much more responsive spring. With fewer coils, we can completely eliminate the chances of coil binding and increase the amount of usable stroke. Also, fewer coils on lowering springs will create a faster reaction speed towards any road conditions. So instead of skipping on the harsh road surface, the spring will reacted to the road surface as needed. Un-sprung mass is also less on our lowering springs. With a fewer coil design, you can expected a far lighter spring. It will take less effort for the spring to compress and rebound. Therefore, with Swift, street users or track users will experience an increase of predictability during high speed corners and straight line traction. 

Swift developed each Sport Springs application based on each vehicles unique characteristic. So a Luxury car will keep its luxury ride, and sports car will handle like a sport car.


  • Evo Spring Rate in pounds/inch (F/R): 79-269/207-319
  • Drop in inches (F/R): -1.4/-0.8