Street Performance Front and Rear Brake Pads for STI, EVO 8 / 9 , G35 / 350z by Stoptech (309.10010 / 309.09610)

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If the vehicle is frequently used for track days but also as a daily driver, try the StopTech 309 series Street Performance pad - provided that an even transfer layer of pad material on the rotor is maintained by periodically re-bedding in the pads. For track days, StopTech bolt-in caliper bridges make swapping over to dedicated track/race pads for the day of the event even easier.

  • Para-aramid composites provide linear response regardless of pad temperature
  • 100% positive molded for uniform friction material density
  • Low dust formulation is rotor friendly and leaves wheels cleaner
  • Scorched to raise initial cold effectiveness and ease bed-in
  • 100% Asbestos-free formulas