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Stance XR3 Coilovers Mitsubishi Evolution X 08+ (ST-CZ4A-XR3)

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Stance Suspension is committed to improving handling dynamics of each vehicle they produce parts for. A well tuned suspension system and chassis is an integral component to an exhilarating driving experience, whether it be on the street or the racetrack. Stance analyzes the entire vehicle???s dynamics and tunes each component accordingly, from their complete coil over sets down to aluminum bushings. Stance realizes that a suspension system???s components must work together in harmony. A suspension system is only as good as its weakest link, therefore Stance tunes each part to maximize the chassis and handling dynamics.No other suspension modification will make a greater difference than installing a set of coilovers on your vehicle. Combining the shock absorber and spring into one dedicated unit, coilovers will give your car the track ready suspension that automotive enthusiasts crave. Aside from the huge increase in handling ability, coilovers also give enthusiasts the flexibility of adjusting ride height and stiffness. This means you can custom tune your suspension for street or track use, even making adjustments to properly suit the particular track you are on. Even though coilovers are a suspension modification, the increased control and handling ability will allow you to push your vehicle farther and drive more aggressively improving lap times and using what power your car has more effectively.PC+3 coilover system is Stance???s top of the line coilover. The PC+3 features 3-way adjustability, enabling the driver to fine tune low-speed and high-speed bump separately from rebound. An external reservoir is connected to the damper using specially designed fittings that allow the line to swivel and disconnect for packaging and servicing convenience. An optional tool is also available to adjust the gas pressure to give the driver the ultimate adjustment control. Rebound adjustment controls body roll. It is used to add high speed stability and the rate of weight transfer. High speed compression adjustment is effective in controlling the overall chassis movement and harshness over bumps. Low speed compression controls the roll, pitch and how quickly weight is transferred to each corner. It is effective in adding turn-in response & providing feedback to the driver.Features:15 Way damping adjustabilityAdjustable camber upper mountPillowball upper mountCold wound linear springTwintube shocksDust bootAluminum collars and upper mountsHeight adjustable lower bracketHelper Springs15 way low speed bump and 4 way high speed bump adjustment