Rexpeed Non SSS Painted Vortex Generator | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X (R176)

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OEM Style Vortex Generator is made from ABS plastic which is available in all colors and comes with 3M adhesives for easy install. We use factory paint with clear coat finish. This is made to fit models with Non SSS package only. To make sure your car is equipped with Non SSS package measure the antenna base it should be 5x6cm. The roof of the car must also have the 2 humps at the top on each side in order for it to fit. If you do not have the 2 humps it will NOT fit. Vortex generator helps direct air towards the rear wing to create more downforce which in turn helps reduce turbulance.

Note: Rexspeed no longer has a domestic returns address. Please call us for return information.