RacingBrake Front Slotted Brake Rotor Pair (Mitsubishi Evo 8/9) 90831-211

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This rotor is upgraded from OE straight vane to curved vanes as we deem necessary for performance, as most people are aware that curved vanes pump more air and keep disc cooler than straight vanes, however the curved vane discs are "directional" meaning left and right discs are different and requires two sets of tooling instead of just one set in the case of straight vanes. See complete list of rotors upgraded from straight vane to curved vane.

This patented design is added to improve the strength of the rotor based on our exclusive design criteria of "Torque Ratio". The result is that our rotors don't have the same problem of warping like OE which others copy, and the auto enthusiasts love our rotors because the replacements end with our better design for a stronger and cooler rotor (ribs also increase air circulation).

  • Material: Alloyed Gray Iron & Heat treated
  • Machining: Straight Slot
  • Surface: EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on friction surface