RacingBrake ET-Series Brake Pads (RB ET900) - LANCER EVO X 08-10

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FULL TRACK RACE: ET900 - High torque and high deceleration rate. They are dedicated track race pad for serious racers with ultimate braking performance at the trade off of dusting, squeaking, wear rate on pads and rotors. They are NOT to be used for street driving otherwise you may experience adverse effect such as rotor glazing, and/or excessive wear (scoring) on rotors. Proper break-in and minimum operating temperature (300°F+) are required to achieve optimal performance.

ET Series Characteristics:

  • Excellent Modulation
  • Consistent friction and torque output
  • Extended life if they are used under the temperature guide
  • Affordable pricing

Break-in: All the brake pads must be bedded in properly per break-in procedure.


  • For motorsports racing only (not recommended for street driving)
  • Excellent heat characteristics and modulation
  • High temperature, guarantee no-fade up to 1600°F
  • High torque and high deceleration rate