MIL.SPEC H-Beam Connecting Rods (DSM / Evo 4G63)

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Introducing our motorsports-quality rods for the 4G63. These billet rods are for serious road race applications or for those who wants a superior rod for their street build. The rods are heat treated, cryo treated, shot peened, Rockwell hardness tested and magnafluxed. They are finish machined. The craftsmanship of MIL.SPEC rods is second to none. They are works of engineering art.

  • Billet aircraft quality double re-melt 4340 steel
  • 150mm OEM rod length
  • ARP 625 bolts come standard
  • 576 grams with rod bolts
  • Warrantied for builds up to 800hp


  • Weight: 576 g
  • Type: AQ4340 H-Beam
  • BE Width: 26.37 mm (1.038 in)
  • PE Width: 26.37 mm (1.038 in)
  • BE Bore: 47.998 mm (1.890 in)
  • Length: 150 mm (5.906 in)
  • PE Bore: 22 mm (0.866 in)