MIL.SPEC 100-cell High Flow Catalytic Converter (Mitsubishi Evo X)

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The MIL.SPEC Evo X 100 Cell Bolt On is here! Mandrel-bent with a design that mimics the OEM piece, fitment will be just like stock.

  • Includes second bung for wideband
  • Piping and cat are 304SS
  • Full 3" all the way through
  • 3/8" 304SS flanges
  • Outflows any other cat
  • 100% American Made

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the increased flow, a mechanical CEL fix may be necessary depending on mods, tune, etc.

3rd party testing with a direct, back-to-back compare of a FULLY TUNED OEM cat vs. a FULLY TUNED MIL.SPEC 100 cell cat on an Evo X MR. 15+whp gains on 91 octane!