MAP Surge Tank Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X (EVOX-STK)

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MAPerformance Surge Tank Kit

If you've upgraded an Evo X fuel pump before, you're already familiar with their saddle bag gas tank design and unique siphoning system. We're quite certain that a significant chunk of drug store revenue can be attributed to the headaches encountered by enthusiasts trying to upgrade their cars while working within the constraints of this system.

Fortunately, we've got the perfect remedy. The MAP surge tank kit includes everything you need to install an external surge tank (the best available on the market in our opinion) and fuel pump in your Evo X, and thanks to the included EFI adapter fittings no fuel pump housing modification is needed. Once installed, your factory fuel pump (or whatever upgrade you've already got in there) will serve as a lift pump feeding the Radium surge tank and TI Automotive 400lph fuel pump (don't worry about the size of your in tank pump, when they aren't under pressure they flow a heck of a lot more fuel and will have no problem keeping up) providing enough fuel to consistently support 700+ horsepower on E85. Note the word "consistently" as fuel starvation in left hand turns and/or with lower fuel levels are a thing of the past!

Additionally, racers should take note of the included surge tank bracket which gives users the ability to mount it in the rear driver's side wheel well rather than within the trunk / cabin. Be sure to check with your specific sanctioning body, but there should be no need to fabricate an additional firewall behind your rear seats when using the included bracket / placement!

Installation Notes

This kit is designed for use with the factory fuel rail fittings and utilizes the factory feed line to return fuel from the rail to the surge tank. Use of the included surge tank bracket would locate it in the rear driver's side wheel well, but placement in the trunk is also feasible with basic fabrication skills.


  • Eliminate fuel starvation under hard cornering
  • Mounting in the trunk is possible


  • 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X

What's In The Box?

  • Radium Engineering Surge Tank
  • TI Automotive 400lph E85 Fuel Pump
  • Deatschwerks Fuel Pump Hardwire Installation Kit
  • MAP Surge Tank Mounting Bracket (Rear driver's side wheel well)
  • Fuel Fittings, Lines, and Hardware


  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty