MAP Stage 5 Cylinder Head Preparation (Evo 8/9)

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MAP Stage 5 Cylinder Head Preparation

The MAP Stage 5 port & polish features aggressive intake and exhaust work, extensive reshaping and finishing of the combustion chambers, and unshrouding of the valves for improved flow. Proven to 1000+whp in 4g63 applications on both of our in house race cars we feel this is the best performing cylinder head on the market, period.

Included Services

  • Clean / Hot Tank
  • Visual Evaluation / Inspection
  • Deck Resurface to High Performance RA Specs
  • Proprietary MAP 5 Angle Radius Valve Job
  • MAP Stage 5 Porting / Polishing
  • Final Assembly
  • Outbound Shipping

Core Options

Click here to download, print and fill out this form to include with your shipment if you are sending us your core for service.

We offer three different options in regards to our cylinder head core service, please select the one that fits your specific situation and time line.

  • Have Core, Will Wait: Select this option if you have a core cylinder head to send to us and you would like us to perform the services to your cylinder head after it has been received.

  • Have Core, No Waiting Please: Select this option if you have a core to send in to us, but would like to keep downtime to a minimum. We will complete the services on a core cylinder head and refund the core charge as soon as we receive your cylinder head! Please note that your core exchange must be suitable for use as a core, feel free to contact us for more information!

  • No Core: Select this option if you do not have a good cylinder head to send in as a core. We will track down and purchase a good core to use for your cylinder head service. This charge is non-refundable.
  • Valvetrain Components

    We understand that customers looking for cylinder head service may have already obtained some, if not all, of their valvetrain components. We also understand that many customers are looking to purchase a complete cylinder head package from one reliable source. As such, we will provide the option to purchase valvetrain components to be included with your cylinder head service as seen below. If you already have the component in question and plan to send it in for your cylinder head service, simply choose "Customer Supplied."

    Why Choose MAP Machining Services?

    We utilize a Serdi seat and guide machine that provides us with some of the industry's finest valve jobs. We not only cut seats for the non performance market, but have also designed specific cutters that we use in all our modern 4 valve heads. Every head is also vacuum checked after each seat is cut to ensure that no head leaves with a poor sealing valve. We would then typically set and adjust the installed valve tip height to our specs to ensure proper valve train geometry is maintained.

    We also have a resurfacing machine that provides a superior RA, or finish, on both cast and aluminum blocks and heads, which is crucial for proper head gasket sealing in modern engines. Ours uses the CBN cutters and provides a superior finish to the older, multi-cutter systems that many shops still use.

    Flow Testing Results

    We had the head flow tested and the results were impressive! It went from sub 200 CFM on the intake and exhaust side to 250 CFM through the intake and 225+ CFM on the exhaust. Those are impressive gains over stock!


    Please note that this product is built to order. Based on fluctuations in demand build times may vary throughout the year. Please contact an MAP sales representative for current estimations.