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MAP 4B11 Engine Torque Plate | 2008-2015 Evo X (4B11-TQP)

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A torque plate is essential during any boring or honing process. When you torque a head down on the block the threads will cause the cylinder bore to slightly deform, a torque plate takes the place of the head to simulate any distortion that will be caused when the head studs/bolts are tightened. Using a torque plate while boring and/or honing removes these slight bore irregularities.


  • 2" thick billet aluminum
  • Includes spacers (not pictured) to give proper depth of penetration into the block
  • Works with bore sizes ranging from 86mm up to 90mm
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Applications - Mitsubishi / Hyundai 4B11 Engines