Manley Performance | Titanium Retainers for Manley Springs | Evo X

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Manley titanium retainers are manufactured in the very best dual spindle CNC machines to exacting tolerances, rendering a superior jewel-like finish using rugged and certified, heat treated aerospace grade titanium bar stock.

Retainer angles are held to within 6 (minutes) (this is a tenth of a degree) and installed heights are held to within .005"! Titanium retainers are a must for your high RPM Sport Compact engine. Their lighter mass allows the tuner to turn higher engine speeds and still avoid dangerous valve float; without sacrificing reliability.
  • Valve Stem Diameter : 5.5mm
  • Valve Lock Degree : 7.5 Degrees
  • Weight : 7 grams

Dimensions : A = .960" / B = .690" / C = .xxx" / Step = .100"