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Kozmic Motorsports Stage 2 Fuel System Upgrade | 2008-2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (K27 X STG2FSU)

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Stage 2 Fuel System Upgrade

Time for more fuel? Look no further than the new K27 Stage 2 Fuel System Upgrade, rated for 400whp on E85 and 500whp on 93*.

What pump should I choose?

Walbro 255: 400whp on E85 and 500whp on 93 (with OE rail/regulator)

  • Great for 93 Octane applications when running less than 500hp.
  • Known here as "Old Reliable", they have the lowest failure rate of any fuel pump we have ever used.
  • Perfect for E85 applications on stock turbo, or larger turbos.

Walbro 450: 430whp on E85 and 550whp on 93 (with aftermarket rail/regulator and increased base pressure)

  • Simply put, when you need more than the 255 can bring - this pump is for you. This pump will leave more room to grow in the future.
  • Works great with 93 octane or E85.
  • Stable at high PSI, meaning with a adjustable regulator, you can squeeze all that is possible from a slightly too small set of injectors you need to upgrade!
  • Fuel pressure gauge is recommended. Due to this pumps higher flow ratings, signs of restricted or dirty return filters may show with elevated base pressure.


  • Billet Aluminum Pump Holder - Anodized to be ALL FUELS SAFE (Including Methanol and Ethanol)
  • Precision CNC Cut for perfect fitment
  • High quality stainless hardware
  • PTFE Fuel Line - ALL FUEL SAFE
  • Exact OE Fitment - No basket modification needed
  • Indication Arrow for fuel pump orientation, no guess work needed


  • 2008-2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

What's In The Box?

  • Injector Dynamics ID1050x
  • K27 In-Tank Fuel Upgrade Kit