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JE Forged Pistons w/ Rings (DSM/Evo)

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JE Pistons has the most dedicated, passionate personnel designing and manufacturing parts that are BATTLE TESTED, and considered BEST IN CLASS by today's most demanding sport compact professionals. Whether you're into ROAD RACING, DRIFTING, DRAG RACING, or just finding a piston that can withstand the most EXTREME demands, JE can help. JE has experience developing custom pistons for every sport compact make and model imaginable, the most complete lineup with hundreds of parts on the shelf ready to ship, over 40 new shelf parts recently designed, and more under continual development. Dome/Dish requires no deburring or preparation 2618 T6 high tensile forged aluminum JE designs are specifically engineered for extreme applications up to, and including, professional competition. In this environment, the higher compression ratios, highest boost or heavy nitrous usage necessitate the higher tensile strength 2618 aluminum alloy. Dome and dishes feature smooth flowing radii for excellent flame travel. 1.2 x 1.5 x 3.0mm ring widths. .827 x 2.250 straight wall carbon steel wrist pin provided. Pin fitting and wire locks included Piston Rings are included. *Stroke: 3.465 *Rod Length: 5.906 *C/D: 1.367 *Head CC's: 47.0 *Compression Ratio: 8.5:1 *Dome CC's: -13.2 to -14.0 *Gram: 317 to 319