HKS Metal Head Gasket 1.6mm | Mitsubishi Lancer EVO (HKS 23001-AM005)

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Evo V HKS Metal Head Gaskets

HKS metal head gaskets are constructed from multiple layers of steel to ensure proper head to block sealing under the most demanding high performance conditions. In the construction of each HKS head gasket, a special metal which is extremely resistant to the severe levels of both heat and corrosion, that is attributed with high-horsepower and high-boost conditions, is used to ensure gasket integrity. Aside from the durable internal construction, all HKS head gaskets are also coated with a special fluorine rubber coating to provide the ultimate sealing.

HKS head gaskets are designed to accommodate for oversize pistons and altered compression ratios. For certain applications, multiple gasket thicknesses are available to change the dynamic compression ratio according to the needs and characteristics of the various levels tuning and engine conditions. Our gaskets are not designed to cure sealing problems caused by head or block irregularities.

The HKS Stopper Type gasket is our most effective as it consists of the maximum layers of plates possible for the best possible sealing and durability. The increased sealing capability is also due to a molded stopper ring around each combustion chamber. The HKS Bead Type Gasket is popular gasket because of its very effective sealing properties and structural design.

The raised bead structure around each combustion chamber ensures a tight seal for applications with high compression and high boost conditions. The HKS Grommet Type Gasket employs a metal grommet around each combustion chamber, ensuring a tight seal between the cylinder head and the engine block.


  • Part Number: 2301-RM004
  • Model: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII
  • Gasket Type: Stopper
  • Bore: 86mm
  • Compression Ratio: 8.6
  • Engine: 4G63 


  • Mitsubishi Evolution 5

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