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GSC Single Conical Valve Spring and Ti Retainer Kit | Multiple Fitments (5062)

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High Pressure Single Conical Valve Spring and Ti Retainer kit for the Mitsubishi 4B11T by GSC Power-Division

GSC Power-Division’s new Conical Valve Springs are a product of the never ending battle for valvetrain perfection. True conical valve springs are not a new concept and are industry proven to provide several key advantages over traditional spring designs. GSC Power Division’s springs are manufactured on state of the art CNC controlled winding machines and utilize some of the purest grade alloy wire available.

A major advantage of conical springs vs. traditional cylindrical or beehive springs is the dampening and removal of valvetrain harmonics. Of the three designs, conical springs are the front runners in valvetrain harmonic stability. Utilizing a varying coil diameter as well as coil spacing, a conical spring acts as a natural harmonic dampener in the transfer of valvetrain shock. This translates to less stress, less wear, and a longer life of the included components. This level of protection is needed in today’s engines being pushed to their physical and mechanical limits by aftermarket modifications.

Dual valve springs have often been turned to when added stability is needed, but their drawbacks include added weight as well as an increase in valvetrain wear/heat/stress from their interference fit. -Beehive springs are a great alternative to expensive dual spring units but they too have limitations by design and complex manufacturing processes.


  • Vastly improved harmonic stability with inherent self-dampening design
  • Smaller design equals weight reduction throughout the entire valvetrain system.
  • Applications for high RPM and boost pressure with the ability to run more aggressive camshafts
  • State of the art manufacturing and engineering production processes
  • Super-Finish surface treatment for added residual stresses and uniform surface finish


  • 2008 - 2015 Mitsubishi Evolution X
  • 2008 - 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart


  • Seat Pressure - 93LBS @ 1.352"
  • Seat Pressure Open - 238LBS @ .912"
  • Coil Bind - .754"
  • Max Lift @ (valve) - .535" (13.6mm)

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - GSC Valve Spring & Retainer Kit


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