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GSC Power-Division S3 Camshafts for DSM and Evo 1-3

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GSC Billet Core S3 Evo 1-3 Camshafts 7003S3

GSC Power-Division Billet S3 cams for the Mitsu Evo 1-3 and first and second Gen DSM cars. The S3 cams are designed for those running larger turbo's 67mm and larger. Designed for a rev range of 4500-9500rpms, GSC Beehive Spring and retainer kit strongly suggested. 600-1000whp camshaft. Idle is rougher than stock.

S3 Specs gsc-7003S3

Intake: 280
Duration: 11.5mm
Peak lift: 105 degree Centerline

Exhaust: 280
Duration: 11.5mm
Peak Lift: 115 degree Centerline