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GSC Power-Division Race Balance Shaft (for all Mitsubishi Evo's and DSM 4G63)

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GSC Power-Division Race Balance Shaft for all 4G63 Evo's and DSM

Don't let removing your balance shafts shorten your oil pump's and engine's life. GSC has a race balance shaft that will go in place of the OEM balance shaft and support the oil pump's operation even at extreme RPMs.

If your plans include building your 4G63 or 4G64 motor and you're ready to make your 4G a little lighter internally, make sure you install one of GSC's Race Balance Shaft kits.


  • Increase your oil pump's lifespan


  • 1990-1999 1G / 2G DSM
  • 1996-2006 Evo 4-9

What's In The Box?

  • 2 Bearings; to block oil passage to the removed balance shaft
  • Mitsubishi Balance Shaft Delete Cap; to cap off removed balance shaft pulley
  • Mitsubishi Balance Shaft Pulley Delete Spacer; to remove the balance shaft belt gear from the crank
  • GSC Billet Race Balance Shaft – Zero Balanced and CNC Machined
  • Replacement Bolt; for balance shaft pulley removal


  • Manufacturer Standard Warranty