Forge Adjustable Wastegate Actuator | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X (FMPACEV10)

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Forge Motorsport Wastegate Actuators for your Evolution 10

This replacement actuator utilizes the latest piston design to eradicate the failures associated with the OEM diaphragm actuators and is supplied complete with bracket ready to install.

This actuator was recently put through some independent dyno tests by the guys at Dragsport Magazine for their September 2009 issue. Here is what they had to say: While the Mitsubishi Evo X is an amazing vehicle in stock form, it also responds well to tuning with quality aftermarket components. In stock form, our 2008 Evo X delivered 271.4 wheel horsepower. With the addition of just three parts, we were able to generate an additional 25.5 horsepower and 19.0 lb/ft of torque to the wheels (intake + 5hp, exhaust +10hp, and hard pipe kit +5hp). Recently, we decided to treat the Evo X to a second round of upgrades. First we re-established the baseline power at 289 on a different chassis dyno that tends to be a bit conservative in its figures. Since the Evo X would experience erratic boost delivery throughout the powerband, we selected a Forge Motorsport wastegate actuator. With the stock actuator, the boost would climb to 19 PSI before falling to 15 PSI at redline. With the Forge unit installed, the engine was able to maintain 20 PSI before falling to only 18 PSI at redline. With the increased boost pressure, peak power jumped to 302 horsepower and 304 lb-ft of torque to the wheels; a gain of 13 horsepower over the previous run. The largest power gain was noted at 6800 rpm with a gain of 47 horsepower over stock.


  • It is designed and built with the intention of increasing the boost output of a turbocharged system


  • Maintain 20 PSI before falling to only 18 PSI at redline
  • The actuator can be assembled with a stiffer spring upon request


  • 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

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