Ferodo Brakes DS3000 Rear Pads (Mitsubishi Evolution X) FCP4168R

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Ferodo DS3000 Evo X Brake Pads

Product details

Looking for a strong brake pad that will be able to withstand the most aggressive driving on the track or street? The Ferodo DS3000 Evo X brake pads will answer all your braking woes. Designed to withstand the wear over extended driving sessions, these pads are some of the best Evo X brake pads on the market!


  • Composition: Semi-metallic
  • Category: Full Race
  • Max Operating Temp: 1400 F
  • Dust: High
  • Noise: Moderate
  • Bite / Mu: Very High
  • Judder / Vibration: Low
  • Pad Wear: Moderate to High
  • Rotor Wear: Low to Moderate