Blouch Performance Turbo

Evo 9 Dominator 2.0XTR Ball Bearing Stock Frame Turbo | EVO9-DOM-2.0XTR

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Blouch Evo 9 Dominator 2.0XTR

Imagine you're out on the track, pushing your Evolution to it's limits. Suddenly you're being passed by cars left and right. What do they have that you dont? Horsepower and torque. Stomping on the gas does nothing, downshifting helps a little, but before you know it you're in dead last and getting laughed at by your peers.

What do you do now? Head over to MAPerformance and look up Blouch Performance Turbochargers. Right away you've made the best decision possible. MAPerformance has the lowest parts on the web, guaranteed. Blouch has the best Evo 9 turbochargers on the market. Two reasons right away why you've made the right decision.

A Blouch XTR2.0 Evo Turbo is capable of making 570hp, which is more than enough power to send your foes packing up and heading home.