Eibach 29mm Front & 25mm Rear Swaybar Kit | 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evo X (6049.320)

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Mitsubishi Evolution X Anti-Roll Swaybar Kit by Eibach

Complete your suspension upgrade with an Eibach anti-roll kit. While Eibach's Pro-Kit and Sportline spring sets are regarded as the primary suspension enhancement components, the Eibach anti-roll kit allows critical fine-tuning of your car’s handling characteristics. This kit gives you everything you need to stiffen up the side to side movement of your vehicle both in the front and the rear.


  • Reduction of body roll when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction
  • Unimpaired spring comfort at bilateral spring deflection
  • Decreasing the load difference between the wheels inside and outside the curve
  • Impacting the under- or over-steering tendency positively (auto-steering behavior)
  • 29mm Front Bar / 25mm Rear Bar

Please Note: Front Sway Bar is Tubular and 2 Way-Adjustable/ Rear Sway Bar is Tubular and 3 Way-Adjustable.


  • 2008 - 2015 Mitsubishi Evolution X

What's In The Box?

  • 1 - 29mm Front Swaybar
  • 1 - 25mm Rear Swaybar


  • Eibach Million-Mile Warranty