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Driven Innovations 4 Injector Intake Manifold (Evo 8 / 9)

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Please Note: This item is built to order and takes 2-3 weeks from the time the order is placed to ship.


  • Fully CNC flanges out of aircraft aluminum 6161-T6
  • DI head flanges are 1in. or 1.25in. thick depending on the manifold style
  • DI plenum flange features full separate 180º radius velocity stacks with 2 different radiuses for increased airflow
  • DI sheet metal is bend using CNC sheet metal benders for consistent and precise bends
  • DI plenums were designed with least amount of welds
  • DI runners feature ideal taper for increased velocity
  • Intercooler piping WILL NOT need to be modified as it places the throttle body in a stock location
  • Provisions for dipstick
  • Stock or any aftermarket fuel rail can be used
  • Welded on billet bungs for vacuum source located in the stock locations
  • Small plenum only comes with stock TB flange
  • Large plenum TB flange options: stock, ford style and q45
  • Each intake manifold is assembled, welded and pressure tested to over 60psi. High stress points are stitch welded from the inside to increase burst strength.