Carrillo Pro H-Beam Connecting Rods - (08-09) Mitsubishi EVO 4B11- (WMC Bolt)

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Carrillo is often asked about general horsepower ratings for the various designs of its connecting rods. Unfortunately, this cannot be answered in a simple way. The most relevant rod design parameters are Inertia forces (a function of engine speed, crank train geometry and assembly weights) and Cylinder firing pressure (tuning, fuel, boost, etc.). Through increased engine speed, displacement, firing pressure or a combination thereof, horsepower is gained. However, through the various changes in the cycle, the demand on the rods varies greatly. Moreover, extreme dynamic loads on the drive train such as intermittently free spinning wheels or propellers (Hill Climb races, Off-Shore boat races) should be considered the when making the right choice of rod.

The strong Tapered H-beam configuration can handle extreme engine loads. The tapered beam allows for some weight saving on the reciprocation end and gives increased clearance for fully boxed pistons.

The Straight H-beam is the stoutest beam configuration available. It is capable of handling the most abusive forces in an engine.

Bolt Size 3/8 WMC