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Buschur Racing 65mm Ported Throttle Body (Evo 7/8/9)

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This is the Buschur Racing 65mm throttle body conversion for your Mitsubishi Evolution 7, 8 or 9. This retains all factory features and idle air control motor.

In order to see full benefit from this we recommend using this in conjunction with the Buschur Racing ported stock intake manifold.

This throttle body is machined and a new 65mm butterfly is installed. This is done on an exchange basis. A core is not provided. If you do not have a core or can not have the down time you can pay the core fee for a manifold to be sent to you. Please call us if you need this done.

Ported stock intake/65 mm throttle body. This has proven good for 15 whp over stock. I do not have any current back to back dyno sheets to give an RPM range where the gains start/stop. The biggest improvement is in a smoothing of the overall curve and an increase in the entire basic range.

The $300 core charge may be refunded if you can provide a suitable core to us. Please contact us to discuss the available options.