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Brake Man SuperBrakes Rear Rotor Pair (Evo 8/9)

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SuperBrakes are a complete thermally processed OEM replacement brake rotor and pad upgrade that not only increases your rotor life up to 5 times more than what you are currently experiencing, but also increases your overall braking performance. The Brake Man has adapted the same technology from over 35 years at some of the most severe racetracks in the country to the stock brake components found on most automobiles and trucks today. All of this at very little more cost than conventional rotor and pad replacements.

Using racetrack quality castings that meet all OE specifications, each rotor is treated to reduce internal stresses that cause premature cracking that is common with standard rotors and those that have been cross drilled.  SuperBrake rotors are finished with a protecting coating for protection against rust. 

Why choose SuperBrakes over the competition?

SuperBrakes are different from other aftermarket rotors that have been only cryogenically treated. Cryogenics only toughens the rotor surface but does nothing to prevent rotor cracking and warping. Our complete SuperBrake thermal process enhances the entire rotor, not just the rotor surface. This increases the longevity of the rotor and along with the pre-cured SuperBrake pads, adds better pedal feel and overall increased brake performance.