Beatrush Pillow Ball Upper Strut Mounts (Mitsubishi Evo 7-9)

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Beatrush engineers have redesigned the camber adjustment pillow ball mounts in order to handle extreme racing conditions and provide consistent camber angles. In order to change the camber angle from the top strut mounts, the damper must be attached to a bearing case and this assembly must be easy to adjust and move inside the top camber plate. Other aftermarket manufacturers use a standard flat camber plate with four small bolts holding the damper and bearing case assembly in place. However, this old design causes the camber plate to warp and shift over time from the strut load. Once this happens it is hard to make camber adjustments from the top strut mounts. Likewise a warped plate leads to inconsistent camber angles on the track.

In order to combat this issue Beatrush has redesigned the camber plate to handle everyday use as well as harsh road racing conditions. This new plate features:

  • A duralumin A2017 plate with a mid-section that is two times thicker than standard plates to provide greater support. This will eliminate warping and will provide a consistent camber angle while driving.
  • Aircraft grade spherical bearings manufactured by Minebea, a leading Japanese OEM manufacturer of high precision components.
  • A Carbon-steel S45C bearing case, pillow ball nut, & pillow ball collar to handle the toughest roads and races.