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AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and Ralliart Boost Pill

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AMS Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X & Ralliart Boost Pill

Using one of these pills is the only method of boost control that we recommend for any car with the SST transmission (i.e. any EVO MR, or any Ralliart)

Because of the unique way that the transmission gets loaded, unloaded, clutch released, etc. Manual boost controllers and electronic boost controllers do not work very well on these cars. When using an MBC or EBC on these cars they are very prone to boost spikes and overshooting of boost, resulting in very poor driveability.

The stock ECU in both the Ralliart and the EVO X has a 3D table for defining boost solenoid duty cycle which helps to regulate the turbo speed at low throttle conditions, and keep the wastegate open more and prevent boost spikes and uneven boost.

These will work on the 5 speed cars as well, but are not absolutely necessary.

Your car MUST have a tune to use this pill. The boost drops in the higher rpms even with the pill. It is a function of the airflow the turbo can produce and what the engine can ingest.

This pill goes in the line from the compressor before the first T.