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AGP Cold Air Intake System V2 (Mitsubishi Evo X)

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Introducing the best performing intake available for the Evolution X. Not only does it eliminate the restrictive factory airbox, but it's the only intake on the market that locates the filter in the fenderwell. This allows the intake temperature to be the coolest possible before the air is compressed through the turbo.

We have gone through many different revisions of our intake and countless dyno pulls on the stock turbo, as well as upgraded turbos. One of the key variables we found was to have the proper MAF sensor placement given the 3" tube diameter.

On a bone stock car, we were able to pick up 30ft/lbs of torque and 25whp because of the cooler charge air, less restriction, and the intake allows the engine to naturally lean out an average of .5 on the Air Fuel Meter. This is an excellent first modification on every Evolution X, and it allows fitment for our soon to be released turbo upgrade kit.

The intake includes:

  • Upper and lower polished / black powdercoated aluminum tubes
  • All necessary silicone couplers
  • Hose clamps
  • Reusable 3" cone filter

These pipes do not fit the SST equipped cars such as the MR, because of the tranny cooler behind the bumper cover on the driver's side.

Because the tubing is larger, some vehicles will need a re-tune to richen the mixture back up. This is dependent on your existing modifications.

Available Polished, flat black powdercoat, wrinkle black powdercoat, wrinkle red powdercoat. Polish in stock, powdercoated options may take two weeks.