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Agency Power Ti Tip Dual Catback Exhaust Mitsubishi EVO X 08-15 by Agency Power

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Agency Power has released their production exhaust system for the new Mitsubishi EVO X. The polished 3 inch piping includes high quality precision welds and flanges for a perfect fit. Agency Power utilizes a dual pipe setup to deliver efficient exhaust flow and maximum power. The mufflers are a straight through design and feature 4 inch titanium tips. The system fits with factory hangers and can be used with the factory catalytic converter or Agency Power;s optional test pipe with O2 bung.

As tested on a Mustang all wheel drive dyno, the exhaust system made impressive gains in the mid to top end RPM range. The mufflers were designed to provide a clean race tone with minimal cabin noise. The sound clip and initial video tests can be seen HERE. Cat Delete pipe not included. See part number AP-CZ4A-171.