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Lower Motor Mount Mitsubishi EVO X 08-12 by Agency Power

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Agency Power Lower Motor Mount Mitsubishi EVO X 08+

Agency Power has just released a brand new lower motor mount for your Mitsubishi EVO X. This full CNC 6061 aluminum mount has a Urethane bushing and aluminum sleeve to give your engine the firm feel you desire. Improve your drag racing, road racing, and general street driving with this new motor mount from Agency Power.

The aluminum mount is much improved over the competitions basic inserts. Having to press out the factory bushing is not only time consuming, but looks terrible. The factory mount is softer and has the potential to weaken when used in modified cars. The Agency Power lower motor mount is a direct replacement. It adds strength, rigidity, and style to your engine.

The AP mount fits 2008+ Mitsubishi Evo X. It includes an aluminum mount, black Urethane bushing and sleeve. The mount bolts to the car using the factory hardware.