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Driven Fabrication Evo X ACD/AYC Pump Relocation Kit

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The factory location of the ACD / AYC pump has been known to cause premature failure of the pump due to its direct line of contact from road debris / salt and other elements. The pump gets covered in salt in the northern climates, and a plate inside of the pump corrodes and causes the pump to lose pressure and turn off (plate corrosion shown below). The price of a new pump is upwards of 1500$ new, not including the price of install! The simplest way to prolong the life of your pump? Move it into the trunk and out of the elements. We've spent the last several months designing this kit with one goal in mind: user friendly install. I have gone through a few different versions that required cutting and flaring of hard lines, and I simply found this to be too much of an inconvenience. Let me highlight the features of our kit: Pump relocation bracket features 4 rubber isolaters to reduce vibration to the pump. 3 - 6061 T6 adapter fittings 3 - pre-cut / pre-crimped braided stainless steel lines with fittings Line separator bracket with included line clamps No cutting / flaring of hard lines Trunk carpet matched pump cover for a seamless install 3 custom stainless steel Driven Fab hard line adapter fittings No special tools needed for install Lifetime Warranty If you can drill 4 holes, you can install this kit