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Evo X Air/Oil Separator

The Driven Fabrication Evo X Air / Oil Separator is by far the most complete AOS on the market for the Evo X. We've spent several hours researching and designing the ultimate AOS for the Evo X platform, from different baffle design, to location, to line size, and we've come up with the perfect solution. Other catch cans on the market don't properly vent the crank case under boost. They maintain the factory PCV valve, and under load this causes the valve to close and all crank case pressure is then forced to vent through the drivers side breather. This is simply not enough pressure relief for the crank case. The Driven Fab AOS will NOT cause the PCV valve to close under boost, continuously venting your crankcase throughout the entire RPM range.

All 8an kits are direct bolt on, and include everything needed to install. Here's a guideline to help you choose which setup is right for you:

300-400 WHP: 8an M

400-500 WHP: 8an with Driven Fab PCV Delete Fitting (sold separately)

500+ WHP: 10an

  • 6061 T6 aluminum CNC fittings
  • 6061 T6 aluminum construction
  • Internal 3-way baffling
  • No vapor smell
  • Bolt on install, no cutting or drilling
  • Drain valve included for easy draining
  • Silicon Vacuum Plugs - Will not crack and dry out over time

What's the difference between a Catch Can and an AOS?

A catch can is designed to catch and collect crankcase vapors, and remove them from the intake system. Most catch cans do not recirculate back into the intake system, they simply vent all crankcase pressure to the atmosphere. An Air Oil Separator is recirculated back into the intake, and is designed to vent the crankcase back into the intake system for a few reasons. The first reason being there is no unwanted smell that you would get from a VTA catch can. The second being that using an intake source on the AOS, you are constantly pulling vacuum on the crankcase and will "suck" the vapors out when in boost, deceleration or even at idle.