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Driven Fabrication X PCV Delete

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This little fitting can tremendously increase your crankcase pressure venting capabilities on any catch can setup! The stock PCV valve is designed to close as soon as the intake manifold is pressurized, causing all of your crankcase pressure to be forced out of the small valve cover fitting on the drivers side of the engine bay. By increasing the venting capabilities of the crankcase, your engine will be able to rotate more freely resulting in an increase in power. This PCV delete is designed to thread right into your valve cover, and have a 3/8" hose barb on the other end for easy plumbing to your catch can setup. If you recirculate your catch can to the INTAKE MANIFOLD, you will need to place a check valve in between your catch can and the intake manifold port. Failure to do so will result in a massive boost leak. If you recirculate your catch can back to the AIR INTAKE, this fitting will work perfectly!