DeatschWerks 9-651-1026 Electric Fuel Pump

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Evo X Mazdaspeed 3/6 - 265lph compact fuel pump

An important attribute of DW fuel pumps is the extensive line of application specific installation kits. Always improving and making them more comprehensive. Being releasing is improved DW65C fuel pump installation kit for the EVO X. Previously a replacement fuel pump filter was not available for the Evo X, forcing owners to reuse the OE filter sock, but now included in every new Evo X installation kit is a new filter that fits just like OE. This new Evo X DW65C pump + installation kit is PN 9-561-1026 and the installation kit PN by itself is 9-1026. In addition, this new kit is also for Mazdaspeed 3 & 6.

Introducing the first high flow, compact, 65mm pump.

  • Compact 65mm body for OE fitment
  • Flows 265 liters per hour (70 gallons per hour)
  • Available with and without mounting clips
  • Ethanol compatible
  • 3-year no-fault warranty
  • Quiet and reliable turbine impeller