How to make 500 HP with an Evo 8/9

The Mitsubishi Evolution 8 is a fun car from the factory. If you're transitioning from grandma's minivan to a fast Evo 8, the difference is substantial. But if you're like most car enthusiasts, it won't take long before the stock power numbers are not quite enough. Soon you'll be craving more power. With a long list of aftermarket performance options, where do you start? While most people stress taking performance upgrades in baby steps, you'll at least need to set an end goal. That is, you need to know what performance goals you want to make, and then start putting together parts lists based on those goals. In this case, we're building a 500whp Evolution 8.

Evo 8/9 turbo upgrades

By the easiest way to make big gains in power is by installing an aftermarket turbocharger. The EF Series EF2.5 turbocharger is a great choice given its great spool characteristics. With the addition of the Evo 8 install kit, this turbo is practically a bolt-on! The turbo is capable of making 500whp on e85, but we'll get to that later.

Evo 8/9 engine upgrades

the 4g63 bottom end it capable of handing 500whp, but no more than 550whp. Depending on future plans, you may want to consider rebuilding the motor with Manley connecting rods and Weisco HD pistons. However, for the sake of this write-up, you're only going to want to install upgraded camshafts. Kelford TX272 cams are a great choice for 4g63 cams, as they are capable of producing over 400whp.

Evo 8/9 exhaust upgrades

An upgraded exhaust is another great way of adding some serious horsepower to your Evo 8. It's best to choose a full turbo-back exhaust that has very few bends and contours. The straighter, the better they flow. The AMS 3" Turbo-back exhaust is ideal due to its availability with either a test-pipe or high flow cat. Furthermore, it's large diameter piping is great for exhaust flow.

Evo 8/9 intake upgrades

If you've already upgraded your Evo 8 turbo and exhaust components, the next step to achieving your goal for a fast Evo 8 is by installing an aftermarket manifold and front mount intercooler. The Buschur 65mm throttle body is a must for your Evo 8's engine, as their larger sizes allow more air into the engine. The intercooler setup is entirely up to you, but the HKS R-type front mount intercooler and piping set is a great item. Since you're installing a larger turbo, a blow-off valve will help prevent compressor surge.

Evo 8/9 fuel upgrades

As we discussed earlier, converting to E85 will make the 500whp goal easily attainable. To convert to E85 on an Evo 8, you need to install larger injectors and a high-pressure fuel pump. Evo Motion sells an Evo 8 E85 conversion kit that makes this process so much easier, as it includes everything needed for the conversion, including a DeatschWerks DW300. E85 is a great choice because of it's high tolerance to detonation. It's superior to premium pump gas in that most cases it's better than 110 octane race gas.

Evo 8/9 Clutch upgrades

A Competition Clutch stage 3 kit and lightweight aluminum flywheel will provide 150% holding capacity over stock. It is also a great idea to consider adding stainless steel clutch fluid lines, available from Techna-Fit

If you follow the above suggestions, you'll be on your way to making around 500whp and having a fast Evo 8. The car will be noticeably faster and garner respect from your peers both on and off the track. Leave a comment letting us know what car you'd like blueprinted for a certain power level. We'd be happy to help you build the fastest Evo or Subaru on the block!